Sep 23, 2016

Guardian PediSoft™, Express Electronic Foot File

Hello, I'm back...been on hiatus for a year plus. So many things happens and it change my life too. I would love to rant about it but some things better keep to myself for now. Let it be out one at a time.

Okay lets go on to the product review: Guardian PediSoft, Express Electronic Foot File. Basically its an electronic foot file. I saw an advertisement about Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi at first and thinking of getting one but its not available locally. I saw this on display at Guardian month ago and purchase on the spot.
The package contents are 1 x  PediSoft™ Express Electronic Foot File, 2 x Roller Heads (1 x Regular Mineral, 1 x Coarse Mineral), a cover, mini brush and 2 x AA batteries for the price of B$27.ou the u

As it came with two type of roller heads, whic is Regular mineral and Coarse mineral. Let me told you the used of it:
Regular Mineral - for normal to slightly  hard and dry skin areas
Coarse Mineral - for stubborn, hard and dry area.
I have moderate dry skin on my heels, so I'm using the regular mineral roller head for about 3 mins. I'm satisfied with the result since my first use. It does remove dry skin without spending too much energy and time, unlike the manual one. I totally recommended you to get this one because it work well like it suppose to and it was half the price from well-known brand, why pay more if you could get something less pricey but function the same.