I decide to closed my private blog and add my post here. So basically now I'm going to blog about anything & randomly. I'll still do review btw. Hope y'all keep on coming back. Thank you.


November 30, 2014


-watch this space. soon!-

October 27, 2014

DIY: Revamping Laptop

My laptop started looking dull, at first wanna permenantly spray paint it but then again it will be hassle for me to wrap & cover some part. And I might get bored with it after sometimes. So I decide to wrap 80% of the laptop body with washi tape also known as deco tape & masking tape.

I have some washi tape collections but none of the colors compliment each other. Since my laptop is already pink based I pick baby pink, blue and purple washi tape, was planning to get plain one without patern but unavailable. Btw I got this washi tape $5 per roll from @ilovewashi [check out their instagram for more details]. It's a very good quality tape.
There's so many things you can do with washi tape. So far I've using washi to decorate my planner, making bookmark, divider for notice board & personalize my fave pen/ stationery with it. I❤️washi tape.

October 26, 2014

NuTeen BB Cream

NuTeen Oil Control & Acne Away SPF20 BB Cream designed to reduce & cover your blemishes. 8 major benefits:
  • Helps to reduce acne & pimples
  • Cover blemishes & dark spot
  • Control excessive oil production
  • Helps to protect skin against UVA & UVB rays
  • Make-up base
  • Helps to whiten skin
  • Helps to even skin tone
  • Hydration effect

Where to get: I got mine from Watsons Limbang but might be available at Guardian Brunei or any local superstore.

Price: MYR14.32 (with membership)

My own experience:

Within 6 hours using - 
A very quick-dry liquid, so you need to use it bit by bit in one area and blend it well then proceed to other area. Became matte after final touch and doesn't need powder to set. I wore it for 6 hours and never had to retouch my make-up, shine start appearing little bit on the 5th hours but it still didn't bother me much. Light coverage especially on dark spot but can cover acne very well. I notice it also cover my dark circle nicely without looking patchy. Overall I like this BB cream much than my other brand BB Cream. Suitable for my Oily/Combination skin type. Not really suitable for those with Normal to Dry skin type as this BB cream will felt dry on this type of skin.

Swatch on my hand: