Hi, I will make few changes and new arrangement on my review blog bit by bit. Thou at first I started this blog mainly review for beauty product that I purchase but now I'm gonna add few things to review. That's mean I'm gonna start reviewing random stuff that I've tried. Hope y'all keep on coming back. Thank you.


September 28, 2014

I'm back and here's what holding me awhile ❤

Hellooo... is anybody here waiting for some update??? OMG I've neglected this blog for 4 months, my bad!!! Ahh... I'm too occupied with everything and my internet have been cut-down coz I forgot to pay them. I'm really, really sorry.

Here whats keeping me away from updating this blog aside from internet problem;

My kids will be sitting for important examination and some of them in graduating class, so mommy need to pay extra attention this year.

My husband starting to fill our home with chicken and duck, luckily he didn't manage to get goose as they were expensive. Chicken had multiple ever since, extra hard-work to clean-up. We've rescued a stray dog then a puppy barely month old dump near our shop. Then rescue stray kittens abandon at open field. Last kitten we adopt was barely 3 weeks old. I'm also in a tight budget for makeup because I've extra priority now.

the youngest kitten, Mori

I started to workout again because with all the chores at home making me stress and I need some timeout to breath fresh air outside. Running is my solution cause it's free and I feel better after that.

My newly found interest, I like eating fruits but hate it because take time to digest. I bought Philips Juicer and have my fruit + veges juice everyday.

I always love cooking as much I love eating (lol), but I'm taking advance step out from my comfort zone. Taking request from my kids who love to eat Japanese, Korean, Italian dishes...and my husband want me to learn Hakka cuisine and traditional cuisine. With their support, I'm eager to learn and try more.

Okay that's all for now, I will try my best to update this blog from time to time. Hope y'all enjoy reading this post. See y'all soon xoxo

P/S: I saw Shelley of with her friends, then sitted next to Alin Kurapak & the gangs during movie yesterday at TheMall. I didn't say hi because they occupied with their own thing and same goes with me,

May 25, 2014

Confusion of a Liner!

Hello, I'm back...and with a confusion of the word liner. It never happen before and I blame it on the labeling made / shorten by cosmetic company. Okay like this...I specifically was looking for an eyebrow liner (pencil type) at Guardian. I definitely saw this pencil liner on 'brow' section coz theres a label with word 'BROW'.
Maybelline Crayon Liner in Black B$6.50
Even when I told the salesgirl I'm looking for eyebrow liner she didn't point out that I was taking the wrong product. She only suggest if I would like to try SilkyGirl product but I decline as I've use it before and told her it smudge after few hours wear.

I only knew I bought the wrong product after looking reviews about it on internet. Duh! And I've try it on my brow *slap forehead*
not bad huh!
I lined up my eyebrow then using brush smudge it to fill the whole brow. Only one stroke of line is enough to cover my entire brow. After that I use concealer to have a clean and neat looking eyebrow shape. Result came out not that bad for wrong product! BTW in case you wanna get Maybelline eyebrow pencil liner look for the one with Maybelline CrayonBrow and its in silver body color.

Okay now I would like to talk about Miss Rose Eyeliner, I did not confuse about this product. I bought it just to try and to satisfy my curiosity on this product. My advice...DON'T BUY IT! I wore it for an hour, went to nearby shop came home, look at a mirror and it smudge and made me look like a raccoon.
Miss Rose Eyeliner | Not worth to buy!

March 24, 2014

Revlon ColorBurst™ Series

Revlon ColorBurst™ Series: 050 Precious {Lip Stain}, 145 Ingenue {Laquer Balm} & 245 Audacious {Matte Balm}
So the other days after movies with family, I wander to Guardian...they were having a sales!!! I wasn't looking specifically for anything, I was there just to "cuci mata" when I saw the label NEW! on product with promotional price. Yeah, I admit it was an impulse buy! I got myself the Revlon ColorBurst™ Laquer Balm in 145 Ingenue and Revlon ColorBurst™ Matte Balm in 245 Audacious {was thinking of getting the purple one but I'm sure gonna ended up using it for review purpose only}. Both cost B$16.88 each and this promotional price valid until 2nd April. BTW I got the Revlon ColorBurst™ Lip Stain 050 Precious last year and been using it until now.

Lets look at the swatches on my palm:
Swatch on my palm, one swipe only
Then the swatches on my lips:
Swatch on lips {natural lighting}
My personal review on:
Revlon ColorBurst™ Lip Stain 050 Precious
a combination of Laquer Balm & Matte Balm, pigmented with shine

 Revlon ColorBurst™ Laquer Balm in 145 Ingenue
 a color lip gloss, sheer & shiny

 Revlon ColorBurst™ Matte Balm in 245 Audacious
a pencil lipstick, pigmented, matte & drying {should put lip balm before applying to avoid chapped lips}

The smell:
Bubblegum, sweet scents on all of Revlon ColorBurst™ Series

My favorite:
Revlon ColorBurst™ Lip Stain 050 Precious was before I got these two, now I love Revlon ColorBurst™ Laquer Balm in 145 Ingenue more because it look more natural on me.