I decide to closed my private blog and add my post here. So basically now I'm going to blog about anything & randomly. I'll still do review btw. Hope y'all keep on coming back. Thank you.


October 10, 2014

The "IT" Bag

I was a 'bag-hollic' years ago then stop buying them after I don't have space for my junks. I donate/ giveaway most of them and only kept one or two piece that I mostly use. Btw those bag are worn out and no longer can serve their purpose. 

So, I got myself a sling bag brand Harrods (purchased online), they are good for outing to movies but not for daily task because of the size. My Harrods sling bag can only fitted a long wallet, 2 smartphones, car key and need to force my house key inside.
bought online for B$200+ & I don't even use the wallet
 I went for a short trip to KK and thinking of getting my favorite hand held bag (I call it Doraemon pocket bag coz can put many stuffs inside and durable) but unfortunately they were out of stock. I went back there again in September and still no stock or no longer selling it.
image from internet | mine was orange & retail at RM36 only
I browse online shop day by day hoping to find something I like, btw I did found it but cost around B$300+ *faint* That way out of my budget for a bag, I don't wanna waste such money into something that I wore everyday and probably will worn out in a month. I went for random walk the other day and found 'the bag'. I've been using it for two weeks now and glad that it work finely for everyday use and put my shopping stuffs especially during NO PLASTIC BAG DAY.
1. with A4 size paper | 2. with F4 size file | 3. bag organizer

The bag made of light PU material, spacious enough and could fit three pieces of F4 size file. Only one zippered pocket inside and no pocket for smartphone. Outside in front have two small pocket that could fit up to 5.5" smartphone and one large pocket that could fit regular size note book. Since inside the bag is spacious, I use my bag in bag organizer to arrange things that I usually bring.

and the price for this bag is....B$15.90 only. I got it from Grand Utama. Other color options is Blue and Pink, also have similar size and material but different style. If you like it, go grab it now.

P/S: I'm a cheapskate but as long as it work for me then I go for it. YEAY!

October 2, 2014

❤ My HG: Lip Balm(s)

This is the lip balm(s) that work very well with my dry and chapped lip. I've been using both brand for years but that doesn't stop me to splurge on other lip balm's brand. 

Anytime my lip condition getting worst, I always trust this babies to heal them. I mean they really worked to repair and moisture my lips back in just three days.



Both work just fine, they are with SPF15, colorless, unflavored and unscented. If you ask me to pick only one, I definitely choose Nivea because of its casing same as lipstick case, the cap is longer and unlikely for me to loose them. Unfortunately this Nivea lip balm (especially this type) are not easily available or in-stock, next time you saw them better grab one or two.

P/S: Not really in the mood to blog, I was pissed by something since yesterday and today same things happen. Will blog about it after everything settled.

October 1, 2014

Detox Water Recipe: Belly Slimming

Tritan Infused Fruit Water Bottle, USD16


3-5 slices of fresh cucumber
1/2 small lemon (sliced)
1/4 orange (sliced)
a few fresh mint leaves
ice cold water

wait for an hour or two, best overnight before consuming. Refill when need, not more than 4 refill. Dispose the fruits used after a day.